The Society of Christ Fathers for Poles Living Abroad – by carrying out its mission in the universal Church, is included in the apostolate for the compatriots living outside the country.

       The spirituality of the Society of Christ, flowing from religious and priestly life, is based on the appeal of the founder, the Servant of God, Cardinal August Hlond, and on the mission of the Order.  It also derives from the traditions developer later by the religious community, especially under the leadership of the first Superior General, the Servant of God Fr. Ignatius Posadzy TChr. 

       The broadly perceived care for Polish immigrants is not limited to pastoral ministry.  In addition to the pastoral care of parishes, Polonia attaches great importance to maintaining a healthy and patriotic spirit, as well as the Polish culture and a robust Polish social life.


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Fathers of the Society of Christ in our Parish:



Fr. Zbigniew Olbryś TChr   1973 - 1979

+ Fr. Konrad Urbanowski TChr   1979 - 1989

Fr. Stanisław Parol TChr    1990

Fr. Marian Ogórek TChr    1990 - 1991

Fr. Andrzej Maślejak TChr    1991 - 1995

Fr. Edward Mroczyński TChr    1995 - 2004

Fr. Bogdan Molenda TChr   2004 - 2007

Fr. Marek Ciesielski TChr   2007 - 2010

Fr. Rafał Dyguła TChr    2010 -



Fr. Eugeniusz Bolda TChr

Fr. Rafał Dopierała TChr

Fr. Jan Fiedurek TChr

Fr. Andrzej Galant TChr

Fr. Gerald Grupczyński TChr

Fr. Mirosław Jagielski TChr

+ Fr. Stefan Kaczmarek TChr

Fr. Stanisław Kowalski TChr

Fr. Jan Michalski TChr

Fr. Zygmunt Ostrowski TChr

Fr. Stanisław Padykuła TChr

Fr. Tadeusz Rusnak TChr

Fr. Robert Wojsław TChr

Fr. Janusz Zych TChr


In residence priests:

Fr. Ryszard Bucholc TChr

Fr. Antoni Bury TChr

+ Fr. Władysław Gowin TChr

+ Fr. Wojciech Kania TChr

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