Today in particular the Holy Spirit encourages the Church to promote the vocation and mission of the lay faithful.  Now, at the threshold of the third millennium, their participation in the life of the Christian community and the shared responsibility, as well as their presence in the community through various forms of the apostolate and ministry, let us look forward with hope for a mature and fruitful epiphany of the laity. We must not forget also that one of the gifts of the Spirit for our time is the flourishing of ecclesiastic movements, which I have named as the theme of hope for the Church and society since the beginning of my pontificate. (Bl. John Paul II, General Audience, 25.11.1998)


       Where two or three meet in my name, there am I in their midst – using these words of the Gospel according to St. Matthew Jesus invites all of his followers to a common gathering in prayer.  The Church responds to those who, other than private prayer, feel the need to meet and unite with others in a common worship and thanksgiving to God, confess to Him and repent, entreating favors for others, and the evangelization of the world.  Today, there exist many communities of various nature with the Catholic Church, whose main purpose is the enrichment of the spiritual life of its members through common prayer, formation, and apostolate meeting. Many of them are universal, even international, whereas others will fill your needs in specific countries or dioceses.  Keeping in mind that there are many groups and that each person who wants to live Christianity to its fullest, to pray in a community, and to fulfill a specific mission in the Church, they certainly will find the appropriate community for their needs.



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